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The Needle's Content

Welcome to my business site!


Designs that reflect the past and
represent the present to leave
a legacy for the future.

The Needle's Content produces cross stitch designs for beginning to experienced stitchers. The patterns are designed by Annemiek Koning and are influenced by reproduction samplers mainly from Europe as well as more whimsical designs. Apart from the graph for the pattern, most charts will include instructions on finishing the projects. I want to challenge stitchers to not just stitch my design, but to change colors and fabric to their own personal taste.

This website will provide stitchers as well as shopowners with a catalogue of the designs, free charts, ideas on how to finish projects, suggestions for changing colors of designs as well as a stitchers' gallery. In the stitchers' gallery, you can show your version of one of my designs and share what you've changed with others.

Annemiek Koning

Spanish Geometrical Sampler
This sampler is based on the old Spanish samplers. Those samplers usually feature many decorative borders, sometimes around a center design. I decided to have the bands increase in width and length as you stitch along. The design is coded for Waterlilies, Soie Cristale and Magnifica beads.


All images and information on this website are the property of Annemiek Koning and copyrighted to The Needle's Content. Nothing of this site can be copied without written permission.