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The Needle's Content
News and Events

Here you will find the latest news, new releases, where you might be able to meet me and what you can look forward to in the near future.

January 2003: new designs
The new year is here and a new series of monthly smalls is being released. This year I'll design 12 tin toppers for you to use. I got my first tin topper assembled last year and just love it. I added magnetic strips to the lid and store my needles there. A friend got me the tiny scissors and they're neatly tucked inside. It is sooooo easy now to find both needles and scissors. Check out the new catalog page for pictures of the new designs.
Apart from the four tin toppers I have two samplers released. The first is Tulip and Birds which features a number of tulips and a variety of birds. This sampler can be used in various ways. Stitched on Vintage Pearled Barly from Lakeside Linens with Sampler Threads it reminds me of times long gone.
The last new design is a Dutch tile. Did you know that the famous Dutch tiles were first produced in the late 1500's? And that the factory that was founded then is still producing tiles? I am planning on releasing more of these wonderful patterns, so keep looking for them in the future.
I am about to leave for the US and will be at Nashville market. When I'm back, I'll update the website with a report of how much I enjoyed market :). It will be wonderful to catch up with some old friends and meet new friends.
I hope you enjoy this time of year, we had some snow, some cold, but it's rather mild at the moment. Perfect time to stitch. Enjoy it,

US Distributor: Norden Crafts
While at Charlotte market I had the opportunity to talk to Dave and Kris from Norden Crafts and I am very proud to announce that Norden Crafts will carry The Needle´s Content designs. The first boxes are leaving the Netherlands this week. Shops can start ordering from Norden Crafts in the next two weeks or so. Norden Crafts doesn´t have any minimum quantities on charts so your shopowner can include any design you would like to have with her regular order.

New shop in the Netherlands
Designs from The Needle's Content can also be bought from a new needleworkshop in the Netherlands, De Handwerk Boetiek. Check the Where to buy page for more details.

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Now available!



The first kit from The Needle's Content, the Autumn Sewing Roll (#28) is now ready to ship. You will be stitching a sewing roll, as well as a scissors fob, pincushion and needlebook. The sewing roll will have a pouch to store your scissors and fob in. The needlebook is attached to the inside of the sewing roll. You close the needleroll with the overdyed silk ribbons.

Around the sewing roll pattern you will find the following verse: "Harvest the fruits of your stitching and treasure your needleworktools". An alphabet it provided for personalisation and Roman capitals are used for the year.

I am really excited about this kit, the threads are a joy to stitch with, very soft and the overdyed silk is too good to be true (but it is). Check with your LNS if they will order this kit.


In the works!

There are a alphabet sampler, more tin toppers, a new Dutch tile in the works. I am also thinking of a new kit but haven't had the time to sit down and work on the design or the finishing. When I'm back from the US I hope to sit at the drawing table for quite a while and get all the ideas down on paper.