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The Needle's Content
Stitchers' Gallery

Inspiring ideas of fellow stitchers.

As a designer it is impossible for me to know all your personal favorite colors. Sometimes a design will appeal to you but the colorscheme just won't work for you. Is that a reason not to buy the design? Certainly not, you can change the colors of the threads (and fabric) to your personal liking.

One of the things I hope to realize with my designs is that you as a stitcher will have the courage to change colors of threads and/or fabric. It is amazing how a design can have a complete differently look by changing a color.

My Valentine by Janet TX
Janet surprised me by sending me a scan of the Valentine freebie within 24 hours after it was posted. Here is her version of it, she used DMC 553 and 554.


If you want to send in a project that you have changed, please submit the following:
* a scan in .jpg format no larger than 100 kBites
* your name, town, state, country
* changes you have made to the original design (try to be as specific as possible, name thread numbers/names, colorname of fabric etc.)
* short comment about the project (no more than 50 words)

Dare to change!

Suggestion: if you are not certain about the colors you choose, stitch a small part of the design on a piece of fabric and see how you like it.