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The Needle's Content
Contact me!

Tell me what you think!

I find it important to know what you think about my designs. You can email me at the address below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Mail me!

When you have changed one of my designs either by colors or by fabric (or both), do send me a scan or picture. I will put them up in the Stitcher's Gallery so that others will be inspired to jump ahead as well.

Are you satisfied about one of the designs you bought? Mail me and I might use your comments on my website.

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Here you can find some links to places that I found either interesting or helpful.

My personal homepage, where you can find more of my stitching, though they're not my own design.

My Personal Website

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Did you know that when working with overdyed threads, you get the best result by completing each stitch before moving to the next.