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The Needle's Content
About me.

A bit of background information on myself and my business.

My Business Philosophy

My designs are to give you joy and pleasure, both in stitching them and in enjoying them once they are done. I find it important that you not only get a pattern but will also provide you with ideas and instructions on how to finish the TNC projects.

My Company

I have been stitching since I was a little girl and can well remember how I stitched Christmas cards on red aida. My stitching changed from aida to evenweave and from evenweave to linen.
My mother's birthday seems to play an important role in my stitching. When she turned 50 I stitched a sampler for her, my first attempt on linen and my first experience with specialty stitches. Ten years later I wanted to give her something special and designed a pillow for her with 60 different motifs, all reflecting a part of her life and interests.
Once I got into the designing, I found it more and more intruiging and when Carolyn at Village Mountain Stitchery asked me to design a pattern for her retreat in July 2001, I decided that it was time to pursue a second career.

The Needle's Content

The Needle's Content has two meanings. First it means the needle is content working on one of my patterns. The other meaning is that the result of the needle's content is a finished project.


This picture was taken on one of the Arran islands in Ireland summer 2000.