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The Needle's Content
Shop Exclusives

These designs are available to shops when they order other leaflets as well.

The designs may vary from a chart that can be kitted by shops to a free chart that will only be available to shops and will not be posted on this website.

Acorn Scissor Fob (#22)
This little fob design is available to shopowners to kit up as they like. The design is worked best on 28 count linen or evenweave and asks for a light and dark green and a brown color. Instructions on how to make the cording are added as well as a special way of finishing these scissor fobs.
The fob shown here is stitched on 28 count gold linen from Permin with Finca perle 12 threads.


Hearts and Flowers Scissors Fob (#26)
This little scissors fob is quick to stitch and easy to finish. The leaflet will have instructions on how to finish it by hand. Your LNS can kit this up as they see fit so yours might look differently. This one is stitched on 32 count Lambswool linen with Hyacinth and Lavender Potpourri Sampler Threads and Venus threads 2792.


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